Has current hard economic times have you considering desperate actís to pay your bills or even survive? Letís face it not every girl is geared for stripping, escorting or even being a porn star. These days many girls (and guys) are considering doing webcam modeling and looking into it but the thought of being on display in free chat rooms for anyone to see for no cash is a real turn off. These free chat rooms support advertisement revenue for the website that the models simply donít share in. Letís face it if youíre considering doing this you want to maximize your earnings potential. Naughty Secret has a generous payout and the ability to expand your online cam business within your comfort zone of physical exposure. We operate as a boutique minded business catering to both models and customers equally for the best possible experience and financial gain.

If youíre wondering; do I need typical model good looks to do this? Naughty Secret welcomes models of all ages 18+ and all body styles from slender to BBW. Customers enjoy a variety of girls just like in real life and are anxious to spend some quality time together. You donít need to put on some phony over the top act on to do this; being conversational goes a long way. Clients tell you what they are into making it easy for you to determine what they like. In the event you feel you need some guidance and training before going live we can arrange it. Itís not difficult to learn and most models manufacture more in their mind then what actually happens. Customers just want to have a great time and connect with someone they can come back to and enjoy; think virtual girlfriend.
Why should I do it with your company over a studio? Many Studios require girls to commit to work schedules. This is a reasonable practice for them to avoid studio down time or fill studio space at odd hours etcÖ but does approach work best for you? With Naughty Secret you choose your own work hours and what you do in your show. Your availability can be anytime day or night. We have models that do this full time to support their lifestyle and others doing it to make amazing part time discrete cash. This is all done in the privacy of your home without the client ever getting your personal information. There are no more worries on how you will get to a studio; no worries about the studio being kept sanitary and no being reprimanded for being late or taking a day off. We are interested in a long term business relationship that you can count on for our ongoing support.

At this point youíre probably wondering how much money can really be made. Typically a full time model can get up to speed right away and make $500 to $1,000 or more a week; thatís realistic. Once a model has established her base following much more money can be made. With that being said you have to be reliable, trustworthy and available to do shows. When Naughty Secret knows your routine we can promote your availability and increase your paid shows with less downtime! If you wanted we also offer additional ways to make cash with optional voice recordings, video clips, pics or your own website. The money that can be earned working is substantial and life changing...
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